Elite Development Team

We set a goal, less than one year ago to create the premier training location for Northern California volleyball athletes.  We are beginning to reach that goal with over 25 tournaments won and too many medals to count. Being the best training location in Northern California isn’t enough.  We are ramping up the level of training, so we can be recognized across the country.   

EDP team was created as a new program primarily for the “beach first” athlete.  These athletes are choosing to prioritize beach volleyball over other youth sporting programs.   We will offer three seasons throughout the year.  This is very similar to what players would see at the professional level.  The year will be broken up into: Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season.  Each season has different objectives and all tie into the goal of playing our best volleyball in July.  

Each season will consist of 3 mandatory practices a week, recruiting advice, nutritional guidelines and a workout program.  Want more information please click the Program Overview button at the bottom of this page. 

Players must tryout to make a team. 

Off Season Program

Roster Size:

High School: 6-16 athletes
Middle School: 4-8 athletes

Practices offered: 39
Start Date: September 16th
End Date: December 16th

Tryout Date: September 7th

  • 14U: 9am-1030am
  • HS: 11am-1230pm

Tryout Fee:

$15 (before Aug. 20th)
$20 (Aug 20th and after)


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