Transitioning from SoCal

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My wife, Ali McColloch and I dropped everything to move to Northern California.  We lived in SoCal for the past decade, pursuing competing at the professional level.  We had great jobs, great friends, and were close to family, yet we were searching for a change.   The professional tours are time consuming; lots of travel, dedication and expense for minimal financial return.  When we had our daughter, Scout, we had to rethink our approach for the future.  Our experience was similar to most players on tour.  Either live in Manhattan beach or commute hours to practice daily, all while juggling multiple jobs.  

It was amazing and both of us are grateful for all the life experience, friends, connections and travel.  We would not change a thing!  Our dedication to the sport has given us life long friendships with the leaders in the beach volleyball industry.  We have personal relationships with over half of the NCAA Varsity teams. 

For me, competing professional took a back seat in 2015.  I started coaching more, became a director of a large (37 team) elite club in Temecula, and started a beach volleyball program in a park with two beach courts.  Our beach club, Viper Beach, grew from a few committed players to over 100 athletes in two short years.  This confirmed our belief; the youth beach volleyball movement was here to stay!  Our athletes developed quickly, winning many SoCal tournaments at all ages.   That experience catapulted our confidence as well as our opportunities.  

When UC Davis Head Beach coaching job became available, after much thought we decided that Ali should apply.  If she received an offer, we would take it, move our family and recreate a better version of the beach club in NorCal.  We successfully started a beach club in a place where very little beach players existed, we could do it better the second time around.   The offer came in, we accepted, quickly packed up and moved onto our next adventure.  With Ali’s UC Davis Head Beach coaching job, and my ability to build and manage a sustainable youth volleyball program gave us confidence to bet on ourselves.   We set out to build the premier training center for beach volleyball in Northern California.  When we arrived, we quickly realized beach volleyball is much more prominent in NorCal than we anticipated.  Thanks to the pivotal community leaders the beach volleyball scene is thriving.  Players are hungry for more local opportunities, more tournaments and more technical/tactical coaching.  

WE LOVE VOLLEYBALL!  Indoor, beach, boys, girls, adults; whatever the style, wherever the court, whomever we are playing we just love to teach and play!  The word “MOXIE” comes from a set play that former partner, Matt Olson (WAVE beach) and I had during a match.   It was a reminder to have grit in chaotic situations. 

We are very excited to bring a beach volleyball program to Davis, CA.

If you read anything read this!

  • Moxie Beach will offer high level training YEAR ROUND for beach volleyball athletes.
  •  Players will be able to set their own schedule and attend as often or little as they choose. 
  • We have partnered with AVP America to bring professionally run tournaments to Davis.  (starting Feb 23rd!)
  • We have partnered with Sports Recruits to bring the best recruiting software to our players. 
  • We will train hard, smart and have a blast! 

Moxie Beach training program will start in February in Davis!  We cannot wait!!!

Some Photos of the past 10 years of beach volleyball

In these photos you will see.  Todd Rodgers (2008 Gold Medalist, Cal Poly), Karch Kiraly (USA Woman’s Head National team coach), Brad Keenan (ASU) Nick Lucena (Olympian 2015, current #1 USA team), Sean Scott (USAV National Beach Program Director), John Mayer (LMU), Beth Van Fleet (GSU), Ali McColloch (UCD) and my daughter Scout!  I am lucky enough to call these people and many many more my friends! 

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