Moxie Beach + Synergy Force

Moxie Beach is joining forces with Synergy Force, to create what we think will be the gold standard in beach volleyball for years to come. 


The ability to attract a talent like Heidi Ilustre-Boatright to be the leader/master coach of the new organization is fantastic news for the beach volleyball world in the greater Sacramento area. Heidi has years of experience, every athlete who has worked with her LOVES her, and she played at the highest level.  She is a great person, mentor, coach, leader and possesses all the role model qualities you want your son or daughter to see in leadership. 


We will miss Moxie Beach, but this is the best move for continued excellence in beach volleyball.  With this partnership we can ensure the beach first athletes will have a home year round, with great coaching. 


Last, we want to say “thank you” for supporting Moxie Beach.  The families and players have all been top notch! We will always feel a deep connection to the players we have served!


My cell is always available for any previous Moxie athlete, or future Synergy Beach one. Call for any reason (858) 254-1141. I personally will be coaching through the next couple months as we transition to Heidi full time. 

Thank you, 

Kevin McColloch

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